How to just sharpen a knife

How to sharpen a knife when there is neither a grinding wheel, nor sandpaper or other good at hand, how could one sharpen a dull knife? Believe me, there is an object for sharpening a knife in almost every kitchen. This is an ordinary mug! Ceramic or clay is not very important.

A plate or some other item of kitchen utensil may also come up, the main thing is that the edge should be free of glossy coating (enamel) on the back side. See picture.

In general, we take the knife in one hand, into the second mug and sharpen the cutting edge of the knife with reciprocating movements.

We check.

Cuts perfectly! And do not worry about the dishes - nothing happened to her, not a bit.

PS: After sharpening, it is necessary to rinse the knife in water to remove particles formed during sharpening. Well and accordingly do not forget to wash the mug.