Toy parachute

It is easy to make a toy parachute yourself, with its help it will be possible to launch small toys, little men, etc.

1. We need: a sharp knife, thread scissors, a small bag (Fig. 1)

2. We cut the package to the left and top (or to the right and top there is no difference) and you should get a rectangle (Fig. 2)

3. Now we need to make future slings, with them we will make the threads, as shown in (Fig. 3) the red line is the thread, and the places where the thread is connected to the bag are shown with an asterisk. In the same way, it will be necessary to do with the two remaining corners of the parachute.

4. We do as shown in (Fig. 4) fold the package in half, find the middle of the threads, make a knot in this middle, so that few threads are left below, they are needed to tie the toy.

5. It remains only to attach the toy (Fig. 5) and you can safely launch a parachute into the sky !!

I hope you like this homemade product.