Office cache

On a table among papers, folders and other office supplies is a folder-folder that does not attract attention. No one will even have the mind that there are far from paper documents, but a small set.

Agree: I do not choose joys or sorrows when to come to us. And so you need to be fully armed. And to skip a glass in front of the house, after hard work, also does not hurt. And if you don’t drink, you can just boast of your homemade product.

To make such a cache folder we will need a folder folder itself, metal holders that can be made of any metal or plastic, bending the strips by heating a simple lighter. You decide.

The holders are attached to the folder with small caps. You can use small cogs. For their "invisibility" the folder is glued on the outside with red self-adhesive paper.

Cool, isn't it ?!