Simple converter for powering energy-saving lamps

I want to bring to your attention a simple converter for powering fluorescent fluorescent lamps or energy-saving lamps. The circuit is based on a single-cycle blocking generator and consists of only six parts.

The transformer is wound around the core of a W-shaped image. The ideal option is a transformer from a Soviet-made telephone. The lamp winding is wound with a wire of 0.1 - 0.2 mm for an 11-watt lamp of 200-250 turns. Then the collector winding is wound and contains 20-30 turns of wire 0.35 - 0.6 mm. Next, the base winding - 5 - 7 turns of any wire. Resistor R1 is selected when setting the current consumption in the range of 0.6 A - 0.8 A for 11 Watt lamp. In general, the circuit works immediately without tuning, if not, then change the wires of the base winding or collector. Personally, I bought an 11-watt lamp in the store. I disassembled its start-up circuit (it won’t work otherwise!) And powered up its assembled converter from a 6-volt battery. See photo:

The brightness is decent - great!

Heating of a lamp and a transformer is allowed. The transistor must be placed on the radiator.