The plastic latch broke off - how to seal it?

By accident, he broke off the plastic latch on the lid of the washing machine. In appearance, it looks like a hook that fixed the lid and did not allow it to open. If any of you have encountered such a repair before, it’s wonderful that you just can’t stick it with superglue - it will come off immediately. Therefore, we need another way that I came up with.

By the way, my task is more complicated, since the latch not only broke into two parts, but scattered into three: in the middle between the parts, a middle piece about 1 mm thick flew off. Of course, I did not find him, but it does not matter, we can do without him.

Will need

All you need to restore the latch:

  • Superglue of any brand.

  • Baking soda.

  • A few staples from the stapler.

Of the tools - a soldering iron, tweezers

How to stick a latch

The first thing we put together the pieces. To do this, glue them to each other with superglue.

The pictures clearly show that there is not enough piece on the side.

We are waiting for the glue to dry for 15-20 minutes. Next, we move on to reinforcing the parts, namely, reinforcing with metal staples from the stapler. Using a soldering iron, solder the bracket on one side. In order not to burn yourself, we hold it during the procedure with tweezers.

Then the second bracket on the other hand.

Then the third from the opposite side.

The staples are fused flush. The joint is well reinforced. Now it's time to fill the gap. We pour a couple of drops of super glue into it and immediately sprinkle soda very abundantly, with a slide. Immediately with your finger click on this slide, so that the soda is pressed into the center as much as possible.

Everything dries instantly, with noticeable heating. Then again we pour super glue to this place and again we pour soda - on top we get a kind of hill of frozen substance. It will not interfere with the operation of the unit, and if anything, then it can be filed with a file.

That's all. The latch will now not come off. I have been using the machine for two weeks now - everything is super.

In general, during the reaction of soda with superglue, the composition simply turns to stone, I really regret that I did not know this before (I saw the idea here - //

Friends, if one of you has previously encountered the problem of gluing especially critical plastic knots - please share your experience in the comments, I think everyone will be very interested.