Rug with engraving

Here is such a beautiful, and most importantly, a simple mouse pad for a computer mouse, everyone can do. You can’t buy one in the store! The picture can be anything, the color of the backlight, too. All homemade is made of all available materials with your own hands.

We need plexiglass (can be found in hardware stores), and

a drill or something like that I had a very old homemade machine.

Also a sketch on which we will draw.

Tattoo designs are great as a sketch.

Then we adjust the size and put the glass on the picture.


As a result, we get:

Then we install one or several LEDs on the glue, for this, drill a hole in one of the ends of the glass with a drill or a machine and install the LED if it is round then gently cut the lens for more dispersion, I took one bright one from a computer mouse.

And that’s what happened.

In the dark.

And in the light, I think the application will tell you your imagination, for example, I installed it on the computer case.