Unusual use of aspirin

I am sure that most people use aspirin in limited cases. Such as a headache, with fever, with a cold, etc. I dare to assure you that the use of aspirin is not limited.

For example, aspirin can moderate a heart attack.

Aspirin fights blood clotting, as a result of which it slows down the trambocytes. This is one of the best cases when you are on the verge of death due to a sudden heart attack.

If you feel you are having a heart attack, take an aspirin pill and call an ambulance. By the way, chewed aspirin in the mouth has a quicker and more direct effect than a regular water-washed tablet. Aspirin fights sweat stains!

Oh, this sweatshirt collar or armpit shirt. Aspirin can help remove these spots. To do this, grind 1 - 2 tablets of aspirin and mix with a drop of water. You got a paste that needs to be treated with sweat stains. After a few minutes, you can wash off our paste and wash the thing as usual. In the same way, aspirin can help with blood stains.

Hair color restoration.

This use of aspirin applies to blondes who often like to swim in the pool. The chlorine contained in the pools has a very negative effect on the hair. They become fragile, sometimes a greenish tint appears. No problem. To avoid this and strengthen the hair, it is necessary to dissolve 8-6 tablets in water, then apply this solution to the hair and wait 10 - 15 minutes. Then rinse with water. You can also wash your hair with shampoo after all the procedures.

Aspirin against acne.

Salicylic acid also helps with acne. If you have a pimple, crush the tablet into powder, add a little water and apply this paste to the pimple. Wait a few minutes. Rinse off gently with water. Redness and acne should decrease. A solution of aspirin can fight the appearance of dirt from acne. To do this, wash the surface with an aspirin solution.

Aspirin from insect bites.

To alleviate pain and irritation after a bite, you need to apply a paste of aspirin tablets with water to the site of the bite and wait a few minutes. Redness, irritation, pain decrease significantly.

Aspirin is an organic fertilizer.

Aspirin dissolved in water (one tablet per 5 liters) helps plants fight infections. According to research, salicylic acid can cause certain changes in plants in the root, stems, leaves. These changes will create a more reliable plant and help it fight various diseases, insects. Aspirin also helps weak, dying plants.

Aspirin treats dandruff.

Itching and peeling, shoulders in white powder are the main indicators of dandruff. Aspirin will also help you get rid of dandruff. To do this, grind two aspirin tablets and dissolve this powder in the shampoo with which you wash your hair. Soap the soap with the resulting product and wait a while. Rinse off further.

Squeeze the last juices from the car battery.

If your battery is on its last legs and is about to die, an aspirin stimulator will help. Regular aspirin will help your battery pass a little more. To do this, add two crushed tablets to each cell of the battery. (6x2 = 12 tablets)

Hangover treatment .

Aspirin helps the liver fight poison. After all, alcohol, in whatever form it was, is poison. If you returned home after a stormy night, then before bed, drink a couple of aspirin tablets. This will help reduce the severity of a hangover in the morning.

Aspirin for ham radio.

It happens that flux, rosin are over or they are not at all at hand. It doesn't matter if you have an aspirin tablet on hand. Just grab a pill and start soldering. The tablet melts perfectly. Simple and normal. This method has helped me out more than once.