Unusual use of toothpaste

Toothpaste protects teeth and the entire oral cavity from unwanted diseases, make-ups and other unnecessary nonsense. But the application of toothpaste does not end there. Toothpaste has many other useful properties that are likely to find application in everyday life.

For example, a toothpaste can very easily seal holes or chips in drywall.

Suppose you accidentally made a small chip in a drywall in a rented apartment and the owner is about to come. Well, there’s not a single drop of toothpaste. For masking, you can paint over with a felt-tip pen of a similar color.

Toothpaste will protect not only your teeth, but also your sneakers.

White sneakers or sneakers with white soles get very dirty. Especially furious are these black dashes, which can not be washed in any way. But still, I found a remedy - toothpaste! And we also need an old (or new) toothbrush. We apply the paste to the brush and vice versa - we rub these lines with translational movements (just like brush your teeth). Voila - the dash disappeared without any difficulty.

Toothpaste perfectly cleans and polishes metal surfaces.

This is perhaps the most effective and common method of using toothpaste (naturally after brushing your teeth). I met this method when I served in our valiant Armed Forces. The soldier’s plaque on the belt should shine like a cat’s bowl. Simple polishing with felt and goy paste is laborious and not very pleasant. Previously, we had brass plaques and upon receipt from the warehouse it was dull or, sometimes, even greenish. We took an old toothbrush, put a little toothpaste on it and cleaned the plate. A moment of time and a plaque sparkled.

And where is the application in everyday life ?! And here's where: burnt particles formed on the sole of the iron - they can be removed with toothpaste, while polishing the surface of the sole of the iron.

Toothpaste perfectly polishes chrome surfaces. If you have chrome surfaces, for example, pipes and silencers on a motorcycle, take a little toothpaste, apply a soft cloth and polish the chrome surface manually.

Watches with a bracelet, rings and jewelry, chains and other items - everything can sparkle again with toothpaste! In hard-to-reach places use a toothbrush, in easily accessible places - use a soft cloth.

Toothpaste is a cleaning agent.

Toothpaste is an excellent cleaner for sinks, faucets, bathtubs, pools. A little pasta and your bathroom will sparkle like new!

Toothpaste resuscitates old CDs.

With prolonged use of the CDs, they inevitably begin to appear, minor scratches will appear. And now the time comes when the CD becomes "unreadable." Trouble? no! Everything is fixable. Apply a little toothpaste to the surface of the disc. With a soft towel, spread the paste over the entire scratched surface and “smooth” the surface in circular motions. Rinse off the paste and check the disc. The main thing in this procedure is not to overdo it, because some toothpastes contain very effective abrasives and granules, which, if used improperly, can damage your CD.

Acne Toothpaste.

Oh no! You have an important meeting tomorrow, or maybe a date, and here, as luck would have it, a pimple got out. Here a drop of toothpaste will help us again. Apply this drop to a pimple before bedtime. In the morning, a pimple will decrease in size, redness will decrease.

Here it is - toothpaste!