Arc discharge

So, an arc discharge is one of the most beautiful manifestations of electric current in gases. An electric arc is not only beautiful, but also useful, it is used for welding metals, there is also a huge temperature around the arc and the air starts to glow very brightly. This effect is used in most military and industrial floodlights. I propose to assemble the installation for a demonstration, albeit not very serious, but still meeting these qualities of the arc. First you need to find a source of high AC voltage, in this installation I used the so-called "ILO", in other words, a high-voltage transformer from a microwave oven with a frequency of 50 Hz (as in 220). I did not resort to vandalism, but simply bought it on the radio market for only 250 rubles. It looks like this, this one is just beaten by life:


And is long:

But before you connect it, you need to know that it transforms a dangerous 220 V into a very dangerous 2100 V and a current of 450 mA when it is struck by such a current, death is inevitable. Know that you do this at the risk and risk piles and the author does not bear any responsibility for your life, be careful !!! And so, for a start, we need to connect the transformer correctly. 220 volts need to be brought to these hallmarks on almost all ILOs, they are bottom and a pair.

The socket, plug and wire must be very reliable, otherwise a fire may occur. current consumption is very high especially during discharge. The transformer itself is also not slightly heated, so do not abuse the discharges. We turn to the high-voltage winding, in fact, one main tap (phase), the second is grounded to the housing as shown in the figure above.

I think everything is clear with the transformer, let's move on to the assembly of electrodes. The material for them will be ordinary copper wires of a large cross-section (thickness), otherwise this can happen due to the high temperature. By the way, here is an example of metal welding.

To get started, take a small piece of plywood and drill a hole in it along the thickness of the wire, thread the electrode and fasten it with a screw and there the wire from the winding

then we make the second electrode, it represents the same length of wire but fixed to a dielectric (in this case a tree), the length of the dielectric should be such that even if you want it, you could not touch the wire. And the end of the wire must be fixed to the body.

The result is such a simple installation

Everything is ready, you can turn it on and enjoy it, and don’t do it in the dark, it is harmful to the eyes. Here's the result

Moreover, you can moisten the electrodes in a solution of ordinary salt. The arc will be longer and brighter.

I apologize for the mess on the table