Homemade chewing gum for hands - HandGum

Our home-made handgam in almost all properties coincides with the sold one (it flows, breaks, stretches, jumps)

Components: Sodium tetraborate; PVA glue; Dye; A jar where you can mix everything.

Production: 1) Pour PVA into a prepared jar

2) Add dye, in my case it’s green. Stir well.

3) Add sodium tetraborate a little bit. He does not need much!

4) Shuffle everything very carefully!

5) Take out what happened and put in a plastic bag, and knead for five minutes.

6) Remove Handgam from the package and enjoy :))

PS: It must be stored in a sealed jar. If it begins to dry, place it in a glass of warm water for a while. For general information, thirty grams of real handgam cost from seven hundred rubles, and our home-made fifty-gram gram 47 rubles (glue-20 rubles, sodium tetraborate-17 rubles, dye-10 rubles)