We cut ordinary glass with ordinary scissors

Somehow I watched a video on the Internet where they cut ordinary glass with ordinary scissors under water. And under the video gathered more than a dozen comments. Some said it works, others said like all nonsense.

Naturally, in the spirit of legend destroyers, I decided to try, and actually there was a small need - to make a hole in the window for a small fan. (You know, a couple of computers in one room make themselves felt ....)

First of all, I removed the window from the hinges.

Gently tore off the slats on the sides and put out the glass.

He filled a small container with water and lowered the glass there. Then he took the scissors and tried to cut a piece for verification. I will not say that everything went like clockwork - there are difficulties. In general, it turned out.

Continuing work.

In fact, the scissors do not cut the glass, and piece by piece they break it off, so even sides are simply impossible to obtain.

Then it is necessary, also under water, to walk along the cut edges with sandpaper to remove nicks and chips.

After all, I inserted the glass into the frame and installed a fan.

When working with glass, be especially careful and careful. For example, for these simple operations I cut myself twice, well, that’s not deep.

Good luck