Simple robots using alternative energy sources

With this article, I open a new category in which I will tell you about interesting Internet resources related to homemade products, etc. You can also send me your finds. . . Now specifically about the site I came across. I will not go into details of the site’s language, its origin, etc., but simply tell you what's interesting there. This resource presents all kinds of mini robots operating on alternative energy: the sun, chemical. reactions and even on the strength of the wind! Immediately I give you a link to a page with these robots, and whether to go further on the resource - decide for yourself!


Almost all robots operate on the principle of energy storage. For example, the robot in the picture, one small solar battery is not enough for movement, so the electricity storage scheme is applied. First, the solar battery charges the capacitor, and then the threshold system, when a certain value is reached, starts the robot control circuit. PS: It’s convenient to use the Google Chrome browser for translation. When loading a foreign site, it will automatically offer to translate the page, you will only need to agree with this.