Funny glowing pictures

Glowing pictures - I don’t know why you will use these pictures, if I repeat my homemade work, I personally hung in the center of the room as a kind of night light. You can also hang over the baby's bed. I think he will like it. This toy can be made by any of you. As they say there would be a desire.

We need: well, your skillful hands, this is natural, the LEDs of different colors, the smallest resistors with a resistance of 100 - 500 Ohms, wires, shrink insulation, a battery pack with batteries, plexiglass, a wooden cross. Auxiliary tools.

We take the wires and cut them to the desired length. The length of the wires should not coincide, that is, all pictures should hang at different heights - so beautiful.

Then we solder the LED and the resistor in series.

Then we put on heat-shrink insulation and heat it. As a result, we get:

We drill holes in a pre-prepared crosspiece and insert the wires there, the battery pack. We connect everything in parallel and connect it to the batteries through a button.

The electrical part is done. We take up the light. We need to make some pictures according to the number of LEDs. To do this, cut the squares from plexiglass. We cut the corner and make a side hole for connecting the LED. Let's draw any picture on a piece of paper, put it on a square from plexiglass and draw a contour with some kind of boron machine.

After all mechanical operations, it is better to polish and rinse plexiglass.

We connect the LEDs. To do this, take a transparent epoxy resin or glue. Drop a little from the syringe into the hole:

And insert the LED. We do the same with all the pictures. Let’s dry. Everything is ready. Check and enjoy the view.

Simple and cheerful.