We embed the DSL modem in the PC system unit

And so, many owners of ADSL modems encountered a problem when the modem has nowhere to put or it overheats, well, or simply distracts with its flicker. I propose to remove it into the system unit case, of course, you can fix it at the table, but in this case it will be difficult to look at the indicators, if something happens. In the system unit, the modem is cooled by fans, you do not have to pull the wires far, we also completely cancel the power supply.

Let's start, first, consider the modem connectors. I have a D-link DSL model - 2500u

Let's go from bottom to top, gray is a telephone line, a yellow LAN cable (PC connection), and a black power connection. Next, you need to find a place in the case of the unit, the place under the drive is perfect or as I have above, carefully remove the plugs, they are held on plastic snaps that's what should work. Do not pay attention to holes; these are consequences of unsuccessful modding ...

In order not to pull extra wires, we exclude the power supply, it will perfectly replace the computer PSU. Before replacing, you need to look at the modem's PSU so as not to make a mistake with the voltage and not to burn the modem. On my power supply 5 V and current 1 A it is written like this: Output: 5V 1.0A DC if everything is so, then boldly open the system case and look for such connectors inside

Such a connector connects to hard drives, etc. but on almost any PSU you can find free ones. And so we need a red and black one, which next to it there is just a voltage of 5 V and a current of 1 A can give out even the simplest PSU. Cut off the wire from the modem BP

And connect to the computer. The wire that with the stripes is +, the other -, respectively, red +, black -

Isolate and you're done. It remains to skip the rest of the wires behind and you're done

The wire of the local network immediately returns to the system unit and as a result, only one wire of the telephone line comes from it. That's what happened, everything is neat and accessible for review.

Those wishing to repeat good luck PS The author does not bear any responsibility for not accurate hands and broken equipment. And when you remove the cover of the system unit, you automatically lose the warranty.