Button portrait

Such a mood happens when, standing in front of a shop window, you understand: figurines and glasses do not bring the joy that you want to deliver with a memorable gift. Once eureka instilled in me the confidence to make an unusual portrait of the hero of the day with his own hands. I was inspired by the work of Lisa Kokin, which makes amazing paintings from buttons. Hundreds of this good accumulate in every family.

Where to begin? First of all, prepare a piece of cardboard and a piece of white cloth. You will also need glue and tweezers. Now open on your computer a photo of the person whose portrait you are going to make. Attach the rag to the monitor and draw a pencil around the translucent contours. Very simple - that’s the pattern. It remains to fill it like a mosaic. Place the cardboard down so that the impregnation of the fabric does not stain the table.

With pleasure, divide the buttons by color, choosing especially bright ones for hair, eyes and lips. Buttons of a yellow shade are suitable for filling the face with anatomical reality. Unusual shapes will come in handy instead of surreal brush strokes, like curls in your hair.

It is worth noting that buttons of dark tones, which should be more in one half of the portrait, help to portray the face with volume. This technique will create a feeling of illumination of the face with a lamp.

I made eyebrows from fragmented pieces of a large button. Nondescript white buttons are good for highlighting eye depth. Turn each of them until you notice a joyful resemblance to the original. Keep in mind that the impression of the picture will vary with distance: the further you go, the more harmonious the details will appear. Overlay the edges of the buttons on each other (like scales), change the relief of the picture, the game of colors, fused borders of tones.

You will enjoy the application. The hair in the portrait will begin to curl, the lips will come to life, the “eyes of charm” will shine. Be sure to put the portrait in a frame (they are sold in photo stores) and your gift will fall in love with someone for many years. I wish you creative enjoyment.