Homemade Alcohol Burner

A home-made alcohol burner can come in handy, say, while fishing, camping, in the woods. With it, you can reheat food or boil water. It can also be used in various other experiments and experiments.

Filled with alcohol, it does not give soot and foreign smell, and due to the small size it can fit almost anywhere.

We will need: No. 1: Two iron cans from under any drinks (I took cans from cola).

No. 2: Vata No. 3: Something to cut the cans (I used scissors). No. 4: Alcohol (90% above) Assembly: No. 1: Draw a 3.5 cm line from the bottom on the banks:

No. 2: Cut the cans along the line:

No. 3: We put cotton in one of the cans (it is better to use glass wool. It does not burn, does not smolder and can withstand high temperatures more well):

No. 4: Combining banks:

No. 5: We pierce holes like this:

No. 6: Refuel with alcohol.

All the burner is ready!

To light it, you need to warm the bottom with a lighter (or matches, I did it with an alcohol lamp) so that the alcohol starts to evaporate, and set fire!