Chilled fork

Everyone probably at least once burned his tongue when he ate hot food (this can happen when you are in a hurry or just do not want to wait until it cools down). I propose to build an interesting plug (you can also spoon) with cooling.

We need: Motor, button, screw, electrical tape, wires, soldering iron, battery.

We take the screw (I took a spare from the RC Helicopter) and attach it to the motor.

The motor is better to take, the smaller the better (I took from an old camera with a film rewind, it is 3 volts).

Next, we need a battery (crown) and a plug to it. The plug can be taken from toys or equipment where crowns are used (I took from the radio station).

Now take a button, for example, from a broken tape recorder.

It's build time.

Solder as in the picture. Solder the wires to the motor so that the air blows on the plug, and not on the motor. Now, we gently wrap everything with electrical tape to look something like this:

Well, that's all, it remains to attach this design to the plug itself also on electrical tape (you can tape).