Simple hidden wire detector

Very simple hidden wire detector. Everyone will be able to collect. All details are in principle available. It is assembled on super sensitive transistors BC547. 6V power source I personally use dead crown batteries from the multimeter. The arrow in the diagram is the detector antenna.

So, about the assembly: Because the circuit is very simple, I put it together in a canopy. In the photo, a diagram with a plug for the crown

It was decided to assemble a body for him, I took a box from under the ballast of wall fluorescent lamps:

Then I glued aluminum tape as an antenna:

I found some 1.5V batteries (I don’t know why) a little thinner than little pink batteries. Took 3 pieces, this 4.5V circuit also works from this:

I poked holes for the LED and the switch (the switch has already been inserted):

I stuffed everything inward and soldered the antenna to the tape:

Here is the device in the assembly:

But in work_)) It works at a distance of about 10cm from wire 220

But looking for wiring in the wall))

This device is very sensitive, and I have no doubt that it will surprise you, because he reacts even to a weak email. field and touch of hands !!!

I wish you a successful assembly !!!