Homemade, homemade air conditioning

For him you will need:

1. Old printer.

2. 4 coolers from a computer.

3. The power supply.

4. Insulation tape.

5. A bottle of ice. (We put a plastic bottle of water in the freezer, and after 5-10 hours we get a bottle of ice.)

6. Soldering iron. In principle, you can do without it.

And so, the printer already includes what I need:

1. Power supply 220V ~ 24V

2. The case itself from the printer.

3. Compartment for collecting condensed water

Step 1:

Take the whole printer to hell!

Step 2:

Take the wire and fasten the coolers in 2!

Step 3:

Tie and solder the cooler wires by 2


Step 4:

Add them to the body like a thread!

Step 5:

Tester to determine + and - block

power supply and connect pairs of coolers in parallel!

Step 6:

You can add the on / off button

Step 7:

This is step 0, put the bottle in the freezer!

Preferably 2 shifts!

Step 8:

Now put it all together and launch it!

Step 9:

Put the frozen bottle in the center of the printer!

Step 10:

We lay down on the sofa, put the air conditioner on top and

enjoy the effect!


Well, here are my pictures of a homemade air conditioner!