Winchester Cooling

Winchester COOLING

The site has already described how to make additional cooling for the hard drive if it is very hot. I had a similar problem with the need to cool the Barracuda SATA 250 GB hard drive, but it was not the only one. This Winchester is the fifth in the case, and for him there was no longer any place. I just didn’t want to leave it just at the bottom of the case: as if something had not happened in the controller. The decision came when I looked into one of the kitchen cabinets ... Currently, there is a huge variety of all kinds of plastic packaging for various food and non-food products. Sometimes products are sold directly in such boxes, and sometimes they are purchased separately (Fig. 1).

Fig. one

Having picked up a plastic box of suitable sizes, he began manufacturing ...

At the base of the box, I drilled ventilation holes (Fig. 2) and 4 holes for mounting the hard drive (Fig. 3). In the end part of the base, the file cut two grooves (Fig. 2) for the cables (SATA and power). To improve air exchange with screws, screwed the legs to the bottom of the base. In my case, these are pieces of plastic guides for glasses. You can use any other legs (for example, caps from tubes). The main thing is that their height is 10-15 mm.

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

We cut a hole in the box lid (Fig. 4) to fit the fan and fasten it with screws.

Fig. four

We fix the hard drive and connect the SATA and power cables (Fig. 5), tightly close the lid with a fan screwed to it (Fig. 6).

Fig. 5

Fig. 6

It remains to install the ventilated box for the hard drive in the computer case (Fig. 7) and make the necessary connections.

Fig. 7

In conclusion, I will say that this hard drive has been in my computer for about two years and its temperature is kept within 37-40 degrees.