Microwave oven

A large number of people use the microwave oven almost every day, in the common people a microwave. But few people know what is inside this useful thing and how it works. In this article I will talk about what a conventional microwave is made of and how it works. And here is our experimental got me to repair

A simple oven without unnecessary functions, it is on such an example that it is easy to understand how this oven works. Open the case

On the left side there is nothing, not everything, everything is assembled on the right, obviously, many expected to see there a very complicated engineering miracle with a bunch of wires, but no, everything is very neat and simple. Let's start with the simplest, this is the board that is responsible for the good and stable power supply of the device. And a rather large fan to cool all systems.

And only this board is made in Russia, we have something to be proud of. Now let's move on to management. Its not so much just a mechanical timer, power regulator and switching relay.

There is also, reliable, protection, these are three buttons that fix whether the door is closed or not (they are not visible in the photo) Well, now let's move on to the more interesting one. A high-voltage transformer (the same Mot), a high-voltage diode and a capacitor are hidden in the furnace body. These parts provide high DC voltage.

The output voltage of the transformer is 2100 volts, the current strength is 450 mA, the capacitance of the capacitor is 1 μF voltage as on a transformer. Immediately, I discovered a breakdown. The fuse has blown, it is hiding in that white cylinder and is designed for 5000. At 650 and 650 mA, it's not hard to guess that it just could not melt. After checking, it turned out that the diode was broken. These are your two little ones that caused the whole furnace to fail. After their replacement, everything began to work again. Now it's time to talk about the most important part of any microwave oven. And so meet the magnetron.

So what is it like and how does any microwave oven work? A magnetron is a powerful electron lamp that generates microwaves in the interaction of an electron flux with a magnetic field. Simply put, it generates an electromagnetic field of enormous frequency, which can reach up to 100 GHz. But in a simple home stove, the frequency is only 2.45 GHz. High voltage is necessary for more efficient emission of electron flows. So this field causes the polar molecules of the substance to vibrate with great speed, thereby increasing the kinetic energy of the movement of the molecules. it is directly proportional to temperature and we get hot sandwiches with melted cheese ...))