Elegant stylish vase

There are a lot of techniques for making crafts from improvised material. I like to watch in different television programs how craftsmen do all kinds of crafts with their own hands. From there I got information and a desire to do something in the decoupage style. If you have good imagination and improvised materials, you can do very interesting and unique things. The technique itself allows you to perform work using fabrics, paper, leather, buttons, flowers and much more.

Here, for example, a rather nondescript coffee can, twigs of old artificial flowers and a regular fruit net with fantasy and gold paint turned into a magnificent golden vase. In my case, it was a grid. You can use any textured material.

We clear the jar of the paper label and put a grid on it. By the way, you can even without a grid, but it is more convenient to fix flowers on it. We color the jar in the net with gold paint from a spray can. However, the paint can be any color. If for the first time it dyed not very well - not scary.

We carefully fix in random order, that is, as your fantasy tells you, twigs with leaves and flowers. Beads can be fixed in the middle of each flower. Twigs and flowers can be attached to the grid cells with thread or glue. I think that additional elements from seashells will look very good.

After fixing all the additional elements, the resulting vase should be tinted again from all sides and allowed to dry. I want to warn you - a decorative vase. You will not put fresh flowers in it. However, you can put dried flowers or artificial flowers treated with the same paint. I hope that such a vase will decorate your interior. In the same way, you can make a decoupage style glass bottle of an unusual shape.