Bottle vase

Good afternoon lovers of things made by yourself! Surely you have an empty, unnecessary champagne bottle at home? I am sure that, yes, so let's make a beautiful vase made of this unnecessary thing.

To make a bottle vase, we need: An empty champagne bottle, pva glue, glue brush, paint in bologna (black), silver friable sequins, fabric (not synthetics, cotton, linen), scissors, tea bag, newspaper clippings, waste discs, matches, dry or artificial flowers.

1. Take an empty champagne bottle and wash it well. To remove the label on the bottle, soak the bottle in hot water for a few minutes. 2. Take glue pva and water, and mix in equal amounts. Take a cloth and soak it in a mixture of glue and water for a few minutes. 3. We take the bottle and the fabric, we beautifully lay the fabric on the bottle, smoothing one place on the bottle. Give the bottle to dry for a day. After the bottle dries, paint the bottle black.

4. Take the disk, and cut it into small pieces. If the pieces are uneven, then it will be better too.

5. We take spangles, pva glue, and a bottle. We wrinkle the folds on the bottle with pva glue, and pour loose sparkles on the glue. Before proceeding to the next step, make sure the sparkles are dry.

6. The place is free from folds, lay out with pieces of a disk, make a frame of gloss.

7. Take the clippings from magazines (beautiful image), and soak in tea leaves, for a few minutes. Next, let the magazine clipping dry, when it dries, light a match, and singe the edge of the paper. Now the magazine clipping looks older.

8. We paste the clipping from the magazine into the place laid out with sparkles, and now the vase is ready! You can insert dried flowers, or artificial.