Homemade vibro function in a computer mouse

Now many companies produce mice with a recoil function. That is, when you shoot in the game from any weapon, the mouse begins to vibrate, simulating a return. But such mice are expensive, and not everyone can afford such an expensive purchase. You can try to make such a vibration mouse from a regular optical mouse. To do this, you need a small electric motor with an eccentric on the shaft, about thirty centimeters of wires, a soldering iron and all its accessories, not much free time, and of course the most necessary thing is straight arms.

An eccentric motor can be obtained from an old or unnecessary phone. Carefully disassembling the phone, you should find and get the motor. Usually it looks like a small cylinder with a metal part on its shaft, it can also look like a tablet with wires.

So, let's get started. First, we extend the motor wires that are too short - we solder the wires of the required length, this is about eight centimeters. Then, we check the polarity and the correct connection. To do this, we bring one posting (but not solder it yet) to the plus or minus on the cable included in the mouse. And the other to one of the three pins of the left button switch. I have the position of the wiring on the contacts and changing the polarity, we ensure that when the button is pressed, the motor starts to vibrate. After that, carefully, so as not to touch the neighboring contacts and wires, solder everything in its place. The motor should be glued to the body with super glue. The glue cannot be used for the moment, because after drying it turns into a rubber-like mass, and the motor will not transmit vibration to the body.

You can go even further, attach a vibration switch, as it can sometimes interfere and annoy. To do this, take a three-contact switch and connect it to the electrical circuit. Further, in the mouse case, you need to cut a hole in the size of the switch, and insert it there, not forgetting to lubricate with super glue. Everything, the upgraded mouse is ready, and you can enjoy the games.