Tesla transformer on Kachera Brovina from 220 volts

In this article I will talk about how to make Kachrov Brovina relatively small power with the same set of parts. So what is a “kacher”, in essence it is a kind of Tesla coil, which I am a resonant transformer with which you can get a huge high-frequency voltage and therefore a strong electromagnetic field that has quite interesting properties. And so we will leave the words and move on to the installation assembly process itself. But of course, before you assemble, you need to understand how it works and what it is assembled from. Here is the installation diagram.

The circuit is powered by a 220 V network voltage, which, before going directly to the main generator part, is rectified through the D1 diode and lowered by means of a choke, I used a 12 volt transformer which is turned on by a 220 winding, in other words, we take two wires to which the network is connected to the transformer 220 and one of them is also connected to 220 and the second goes to power quality to capacitor C1. Now let's move on to the resistors, R2 you can use medium power, I used the Soviet medium size, as for R1, I just didn’t have such a charge and I used 4 to 12 KOhm of high power and all the resistors remained cold even after a long work. Now let's touch the transistor with the most scarce part of the installation. KT828 can be taken only as a last resort if it is not possible to get imported ones, namely the Panasonic transistor C5244A showed excellent work but don’t repeat my mistakes, don’t try to remove the throttle or set it very small, in my case I removed it altogether and the transistor exploded quite slightly. You can use 2SA1943 and similar voltage and current parameters, the transistor, as usual in these cases, is placed on the radiator. Here is all the electronics.

We solder everything according to the scheme and that's what I got

Now the main part is not very technological and terribly boring part. We wind the coil L1 (primary) With a copper wire, a diameter of at least 5 mm About 5 -7 turns, the diameter of the coil is about 14 cm.

Now, what many do not undertake to assemble such installations for is winding L2 (secondary) Plastic pipe with a diameter of 5 cm, a height of 25-30 cm is possible enough if patience is enough. I wound two coils with wire of different diameters. The first wire was 0.2-0.3 and 25 cm high.

And with a diameter of 0.5-0.8 mm To a height of 35 cm.

(The light on the left is just a lamp. This is not a quality effect) We still managed to get more effect from the second coil, due to obviously more area.

And now we actually collect as in the photo above and below.

The first start (if everything works) do not delay, start for 1-2 minutes and see how the transistor and other parts are heated so as not to overheat them during prolonged operation. Do not try to touch all metal parts; it is life threatening! So it all worked for me the first time I turned it on, if everything is done correctly, you will have the same thing. If not. Change the ends of the primary, check whether the transistor and the diode are alive. Now, actually for what we have all done, the effects that can be obtained 1. Corona discharge This is a discharge that comes from the free end of the secondary which should be sharpened, it is better to take a needle. It looks very beautiful, purple crown. A corona discharge creates the so-called electric wind, i.e. you can notice a small breeze smelling of ozone, on this effect the so-called "ion engine" is going. If you touch the discharge with your finger there will be no pain. As a high-frequency current passes over the surface of the skin, some sources say that it has a vasodilating effect and it’s almost a panacea that saves from all diseases, I personally haven’t noticed anything except a tiny burn and a little smoke from my finger. But Nikola Tesla, who actually discovered the high-frequency current and subjected his body to discharges, lived to be 86 years old. But I still do not advise abusing such experiences. Yes, and the discharge begins to come out of the knife in the hand, if you bring it to the coils of the secondary. Also, the discharge does not have a small temperature, lighter gas easily ignites in the vicinity and you can even make a thin sheet of paper smolder.

The camera poorly conveys the beauty of this phenomenon 2. HF Field This refers to the electromagnetic field that surrounds the kacher, this is a high frequency field. In fact, it does not do anything magical. Although it may be “uninitiated” this will seem like a miracle. If you take a discharge lamp in your hand, bring it to the quality, it will light up in your hands and quite brightly, I could easily light two lamps with a power of even 36W, while the effect of certain stripes was observed in the lamp, it looks pretty pretty, (for those who dreamed of play "Star Wars") Here is the lamp at 18W


Lighting, two on 18W

Also, by the means of the same field, one can demonstrate the effect of the transmission of electricity to a distance without wires. For this, another coil is required, preferably with exactly the same parameters (number of turns, wire cross-section, etc.) in this case, a much better effect can be achieved. We assemble the backup coil and install the same as the radiating coil. The difference is that a diode bridge is connected to the outputs of the primary

It is necessary to take high-frequency diodes, due to the fact that I couldn’t find such ones at hand, I could not verify this effect, but in the secondary voltage there was a discharge that could be pulled out of the understudy. That's actually all I wanted to say about this device.

The author does not bear any responsibility for your life and health, the voltage of 220V is life threatening, it is recommended that you read the safety precautions before assembly. It also has a harmful effect on the RF field surrounding the kacher. I advise you to take breaks.

Wishing to repeat good luck!