Handmade soap

Today soap making is becoming more and more popular. It’s not difficult to make a fragrant, beautiful, high-quality handmade soap. You can also make a useful scrub soap at home. Such a soap will serve as an excellent gift both for yourself and for friends and relatives.

For the manufacture of soap with a scrubbing effect you will need: - a transparent soap base (100 grams); - avocado oil (1 teaspoon); - food flavor "Caramel" (5 drops); - ground coffee grains (3 teaspoons); - cosmetic pigment "Gold" or "Bronze".

First you need to melt the soap base in the microwave. The approximate melting time is one and a half minutes. Be sure to monitor the base so that it does not boil, as this results in deterioration of its composition. For optimal melting of the soap base, you need to set the microwave power at about 400-500 watts. If there is no microwave oven at hand, then the base can be easily melted in a water bath.

Then you need to add ground coffee to the base and mix well with a wooden stick. It is coffee that will betray the soap a wonderful scrub effect.

After you need to add natural avocado oil and again gently stir.

At the end, add Caramel food flavoring to the soap mass. Mix. The aroma of soap is light and unobtrusive, with notes of coffee and sweet caramel.

Next, pour the contents into a mold and sprinkle with alcohol (to remove bubbles on the surface of the soap). Now you need to wait until the soap dries. It will take about thirty minutes.

We take out the finished scrub soap from the mold. Paint with a brush and cosmetic pigment a voluminous drawing on the soap.

Beautiful and healthy soap with a scrubbing effect is ready!