Salty dough souvenir

Salty dough is a universal, and most importantly ecological, material for sculpting interesting souvenirs, fridge magnets, wall panels and other nice little things. This lesson will appeal to children of any age. When sculpting, children develop creative thinking, finger motility and perseverance. Unlike plasticine, crafts made from dough are very durable, although the modeling technique is almost the same. It does not require special skills, most importantly, knead the dough of the desired consistency and observe proportions.

So, take 1 part extra salt, 1 part flour and 0.5 part water. Knead dough out of these ingredients and you can start the creative process. What do you want to make? There are no restrictions, so fantasize: animal, human, insect, car, yes, anything!

How to make such an exclusive souvenir - a Slavic woman with a watermelon? First we sculpt the face. Tear off a small piece of dough, roll it into a ball, giving the shape of a head. With a larger one, create a torso. Fasten your hands to it. You decorate your head as you like - a scarf, braid, wreath or hat. Place a round ball-shaped lump of dough in your hands and decorate it with stripes. Using a toothpick, draw eyes, mouth. Small ones flew, for example, bagels, created from a flattened ball, in the center of which they put an impression with a pencil.

Think about how the crafts will be attached to the surface. If you want to hang it on the wall - insert a buttonhole of wire or thread. If this thing will be used as a magnet on the refrigerator, attach the magnet to the back of the young lady. Now go to the dryer. To make it go quickly - use the oven. You send the souvenir on a baking sheet to the preheated oven and wait until the soft, pliable dough has hardened. After cooling, you can start staining.

In order for the craft to be beautiful and bright, it is best to use ordinary gouache. When staining, you do not need to wet the brush very much so that the paint layer is thick and it does not spread. If possible, for greater stability, shine and moisture protection, a souvenir made from salt dough can be opened with varnish on top of the paint.