Trimmed with plastic

Plastic trim looks fashionable and modern. It hides many shortcomings from the curvature of the walls and ending with holes in them. This method of interior wall decoration has a lot of pluses, the only significant minus is the relative high cost of the finishing material.

I’ll tell you how I personally finished one of the most needed rooms))) to which the folk trail never overgrows is a toilet.

TOOL. First things first, if you are going to do something like this, I want to advise you to get or borrow as much of a mechanized tool as possible, such as a rotary hammer, screwdriver, jigsaw and the like. If this is not taken care of, then with this finish you can wade up to a month. I want to say that I all went crazy for three days.

In addition, you need a measuring tool such as all sorts of LEVELS, rulers, goniometers, angle of 90 degrees and others.

MATERIAL. Well, I think you will pick up the colors you yourself, but as for the quality, you should think about it and be sure to pay attention to the evenness of the plates, the color scheme (so that it is the same for all stripes). The corner of the panels must be intact, otherwise they will have to be cut. In general, look with your eyes, touch with your hands, do not be shy, ask the seller. Naturally, before buying, make a complete list, taking into account everything from finishing materials, ending with fasteners and all kinds of bolts, screws, adhesives.

Reiki Bought at a sawmill for a penny.

Here is what happened at the very beginning:

On the first day I assembled the frame. The photo was quite detailed, so everything should be without further explanation.

Second day. Sheathed half. Sheets are firmly held on brackets that are pulled in with a furniture stapler.

Well, on the third day I finished all other work.

The result, I think, is obvious to everyone. I want to give advice: before you start decorating such a room, think about whether it is worth replacing any hose or faucet before finishing.

Good luck in the construction and finishing work!