Pilaf is just

I will offer you a very simple recipe for cooking pilaf at home, I will not even offer it, but I will show how I do it. To prepare it, I need a minimum of ingredients, of course, you can add something else, but then it will not be as simple as this cooking recipe.

In the recipe I will not use any exotic seasonings or additives. Everything is natural and almost everyone has it.

NECESSARY PRODUCTS: meat (pork), a couple of carrots, two or three onions, rice, sunflower oil, salt, pepper. I want to note that it is necessary to take rice steamed. If you use regular rice, there is a chance that instead of pilaf you will get porridge with meat :-). In proportions, I do not particularly bother. I can only say by eye that I took about half a kilo of meat, and about a glass of rice or a little more. See for yourself the rest.

We cut everything - three carrots on a grater. You shouldn’t grind meat with meat, because it will be fried.

We put a deep frying pan on the fire and pour 100-150ml of sunflower oil. We heat the oil and the pan.

Fire to the maximum.

Everything has warmed up. We put the meat and fry on the MAXIMUM fire for 5-10 minutes before the onset of the golden crust.

As here. Leaving a margin for further frying with vegetables.

We fall asleep onions and carrots.

Fry everything until golden brown. This is about 5-10 minutes. All at maximum heat.

Fill with water, preferably hot, and bring everything to a boil.

we fall asleep rice, bring to a boil. Close the lid and set to minimum heat.

Everything should quietly gurgle under the lid.

And now one of the secrets of cooking pilaf: as there is very little water left, rice will start to burn. To prevent this from happening and the water is completely absorbed, it is necessary to make small pits with a spatula to the base of the pan.

After a certain period of time, stir, pit and cover again. So do until rice is ready, that is, pilaf. If something went wrong and there is a lot of water left, and the rice is ready, then open the lid and add fire. And if the rice is not ready, and there is no water left, then you can add a little.

In general, the end result should be this or better:

Good appetite!