Cereal Compositions

In order to make a unique composition of cereals with your own hands, you need very few materials that will always be in the house. For work, we need cereals of different colors. If you want to create your own invented plot, first decide on the color scheme in which it will be performed. The initial set of cereals that will serve us as material depends on this. For our autumn composition, we will need yellow cereals to simulate the autumn leaves (millet, corn grits, as well as peas.). If you want your autumn to be not “golden” use green peas - then there will be green foliage with a small interspersed yellow on the tree. For the tree trunk, we will use wheat groats, as well as buckwheat. To give it a deeper color, buckwheat can be fried in a pan. Wheat groats, semolina, beans, pistachio leaves, poppy seeds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, these seeds - all this can be useful in working on our autumn composition.

We will do the work in the frame, so choose a frame of this size for your composition. Which successfully fits into the interior of the kitchen. You can also choose the appropriate color for the frame, so that it harmonizes with the main color scheme of the kitchen. The basis for the frame can be plywood, covered in burlap, or if you want to make a background for your work, stick a piece of paper on cardboard (preferably watercolor paper), and tint it in accordance with your story.

Draw with a pencil an approximate arrangement of elements at your work. It will be a light sketch, a sketch. The lines should be visible after tinting. You can tint the paper with a sponge dipped in a gouache solution or a watercolor of the color you want. In our composition, the background will be blue - because the tree stands on the banks of the river.

Before choosing the material for the base (paper or burlap), look at how your materials will look on one or another basis: if the cereals do not “get lost” against the background of fabric or burlap, it is quite possible to do just that.

But we will execute our composition on watercolor paper, and “draw” the far bank of the river with dried autumn leaves: sticking them together we will get a beautiful autumn forest, and its colors will be natural - we used real dried leaves. The island in the middle of the river is made of semolina and wheat groats, and the dark shades of sand are poppy seeds. Include imagination, use in your work everything that you consider possible. Let it be multi-colored beans, beans, dried slices of citrus, seeds of different shapes of unusual shapes. It is best to stick natural materials with high-quality PVA glue. When the work is finished, and under the autumn oak tree standing on the side of the river you will really see a scattering of golden leaves, wet sand will lie on a narrow strip on the shore, unprecedented river flowers will splash along the shore, a boat made of autumn leaves will float along the river, consider that you failed. You can varnish all elements of the composition and look for a worthy place in your interior for work.