dream Catcher

Dreamcatcher - a traditional Indian amulet, a circular mesh decorated with feathers. It is believed that he is able to attract, "catch" good dreams, and, in addition, he can become a wonderful decoration for the bedroom.

So how to make a dream catcher?

To do this, you will need a sealing lid from the jar, “iris” threads, bobbin threads, several feathers and beads.

First, take the lid from the can and cut out the ring from it. Then tightly wrap this ring with threads. Like this:

After the entire ring is filled, we tie the ends of the threads. We leave the short tail alone now, it will come in handy later. We unwind about three meters of the “iris” from the glomerulus, turn it into a small coil to make it convenient to work. We start weaving the net: we put the thread in a loop and wrap it around the ring, put the next loop ... Look at the photo and everything will become clear immediately.

When the loops fill the whole circle, you will need to go to the next. To do this, wrap the thread around the first loop and fix the knot in the middle of this loop. We weave the next circle in exactly the same way, except that now we fasten the loops not for the ring, but for the middle of the loops of the first circle.

The loops will gradually become smaller, and then completely converge in a circle. We tighten this circle so that the mesh is aligned, after which we fix the thread with a bundle and carefully cut it. Here's what happened:

The main element is ready, now let's start making jewelry. Our Dream Catcher will have three pendants with feathers and beads. First of all, we form brushes from feathers and wrap with bobbin thread at the base in order to fix it.

Now we cut off somewhere a meter of “iris” for each brush, and wrap their bases so as to hide the bobbin threads, we bind the ends. We string the beads, and you need to try so that the first bead "sits" on a bunch of feathers, and the rest is already to the best of your imagination.

Well, finally, you need to fix these “tails” on the ring, and also make a loop from the end of the thread from the winding so that the Catcher can be hung.

Now your amulet is ready. Have a nice sleep!