Glass painting - imitation of stained glass.

When the cold October rain rustles outside the window, when the last leaves are stripped from the branches by a piercing wind, when ... That's it! Urgent take the initiative, as well as brushes and paints in our own hands! We begin to create a bright summer mood! So, for work we need:

• glass blank - in any glass cutting workshop you can choose the glass of the desired size, thickness and shape, or you can make the blank yourself with a glass cutter; • paints and contours to simulate stained glass - they are sold in a store for artists (we took water-based paints that do not need firing); • two brushes - very thin and a little thicker; • a can of water; • cotton pads and sticks, wet wipes, blade - wipe the brush, remove leaks and contours. Select the pattern that we want to transfer to the glass. You can find a picture on the Internet and print a sketch on a printer, you can draw it yourself.

Then we proceed to transfer the drawing to the glass. Before starting work, be sure to degrease the glass surface, then we put a sketch on a flat surface, on top - a glass blank and, following the outlined lines, draw the outline of the selected color.

After the embodiment of the sketch in the circuit, we will wait for its complete drying. Bad lines can be easily removed with a blade.

We take a brush and paint of the desired color, generously collect paint and apply to glass. We stretch the droplet on the surface, trying not to leave empty unpainted places near the boundary of the contour - there voids most often remain.

Gradually, the entire surface is painted over in accordance with our plan. In general, it is more convenient to apply the paint, moving from the upper left corner of the picture - to the lower right, so as not to smear the paint, but our imitation of a stained-glass window was created in a completely arbitrary order.

Having completely painted the “stained-glass window”, we leave it to dry for several hours - in accordance with the instructions of the paint manufacturer. Then you can insert a picture into a glass or wooden frame (by the way, you can also paint them) and find a place opposite a window or other light source - and then the glass creation will sparkle with unusually bright colors, warming and delighting with its multicolor!