Decorative tree

The greatest joy is the things that you have created with your own hands. I propose to make a decorative tree - they can decorate the interior of your house, present for a birthday or a wedding.

Decide on the size - if it stands on a shelf, a cup of sour cream or a bucket of mayonnaise is quite enough for a pot; if you want a big tree - you can take an ordinary bucket. The crown of the tree is formed from newspapers that crumple into a ball of the right size.

Then this ball must be covered with elastic fabric - it can be any beautiful stretch material or even a piece of tights (in case the crown is fully decorated)

In a cup, dilute alabaster, gypsum, plaster (or just press clay) and insert a stick - the basis of the future tree. A pencil is quite suitable for a small tree.

With a knife, make a hole in the paper ball and pour in PVA glue there, then put the ball on the barrel. Fasten material around the trunk. Hide threads under a decorative cord, ribbon bow, etc.

Wrap the wand with any suitable material - ribbon, strip of cloth, lace, beautiful paper.

Decorate the pot filler with what is at hand - beads, pebbles for an aquarium, pebbles, crumpled material, glued napkins. Decorate the pot yourself as your imagination suggests - glue beautiful material or bright paper napkins, sprinkle beads on glue, tie a cover, etc.

Now is the time to decorate the crown of the tree. There are many options! Roses from fabric or ribbons, dried flowers, large beads, artificial flowers, glass balls, beautiful pasta - everything is appropriate here!

Try on different decor options, estimate their location, change the color of roses or beads - choose what looks most impressive!

Believe me, nobody will be indifferent to such a gift!