Bead cat

In order to make a cat out of beads with our own hands, we need: 1) Czech beads in two colors. I chose gold, as the main, and silver (for the belly); 2) Green, pink small and large beads for eyes and cheeks; 3) Two large beads of different sizes for the body and head; 4) Threads combined with the main color of the cat; 5) Wire for attaching paws, ears and mustaches; 6) A thin ribbon for a bow; 7) Tools for convenient work.

I advise you to choose exactly Czech beads, as it has large openings, it is the same size and very shiny.

We proceed to braiding with beads of a large bead. Thus we will make the body of our cat. We braid in a circle, starting with five beads and constantly increasing their number.

When you have finished to the middle, insert the bead and continue to braid with it. And most importantly, insert silver beads in the shape of a circle in place of the cat’s stomach.

After the body, we braid the head in the same way. Only here silver beads are already in place of our faces. Do not think about eyes or ears yet, all this will be fixed later. Now gently thread the head to the body with thread. Keep your face and white belly aligned.

You can make a ponytail. First, we attach a wire to the base of the tail, so that the tail can bend later. We weave around the wire an ordinary tourniquet, starting from the center of braiding of a bead, which serves as a body for us. In every second row we change colors. So we get such a tail.

Now proceed to the paws. There should be four of them. Two are shorter (rear) and two are longer (front). My fourth paw was in the process, so I took only three pictures. Making them is very easy. String the beads on the wire and bend to get two rows. Then we fix them with wire on the body.

You can do the eyes. String two green beads on the needle and sew to the muzzle.

In the same way, we sew the cheeks and nose just below the eyes.

See what should be the result. Ears are best weaved from wire and attached to the crown.

It remains only to drive a few pieces of wire into the cheeks. This will be our mustache. And tie a beautiful bow around the neck.

Done! Now we have a wonderful ginger cat. This exclusive, made by yourself. Congratulations!