Folk doll

Now quite a lot of attention is paid to traditional crafts, we are learning how to do what our ancestors knew how to do. And this is good, because we can understand how these people lived, what they believed in and what they were afraid of. One of the traditional crafts is a folk doll. Dolls were different, sometimes children just played with them, and sometimes they had important ritual significance. In this article I will tell you how to make a doll-amulet, which is called "rvanka". It requires a few shreds of white calico and multi-colored chintz, a little cotton wool, ribbon and braid, white spools of thread, a few bright threads for knitting.

We take a square (16 X 16 cm) from white calico and silent cotton wool. We put cotton in the center of the square, tighten it with a cloth and tie it with spool thread. Here's what you should get:

This is the head for our doll. Now we make the pens: turn the rectangle from white calico (16 X 12 cm) around the edges and roll it into a tight roll, pull the edges of the roll with threads. We put the part of the hands between the ends of the base part and bandage it crosswise.

We make the details of the chest, as well as the head, from the 7 X 7 cm squares, then we attach them to the base.

Now we take a piece of chintz (10 X 6 cm) for the shirt, make a hole for the head in it.

We turn it on both sides and put it on the doll, fasten it with threads along the “waist” line.

Then you need to dress the doll in a skirt. On a calico square (14 X 14 cm) we make a cross-shaped incision in the center and put it on the doll, as shown in the photo.

After that, we bend the skirt, lay it in even folds and tie it around the waist.

Well, we master the belt with apron. Cut off about a meter of thread for knitting and twist into a cord, and take a piece of braid (8 cm).

We bend the end of the braid and put the lace there.

We fix the structure in place, wrap the cord around the belt several times to hide all the bobbin threads.

It remains to draw a head. We place a small piece of ribbon (6 cm) around the doll’s head and fasten it with several stitches. We are preparing a scarf from chintz (a rectangular triangle with a side of 13 cm).

We turn the scarf on the larger side and tie it over the tape. The doll is ready!