Weaving baubles "Rainbow"

Day baubles "Rainbow", as for any other, we need multi-colored threads of mouline thread. In our case, these are the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and violet. We cut a piece of about 1 meter long from the skein of threads (if the wrist is full, then the length should be longer, respectively). Then we lay out the cut threads, according to the arrangement of the flowers on the rainbow, and carefully assemble them together, trying not to upset the order of the colors.

At a distance of about 10-12 cm from the edge, we knit them together in a knot. For convenience, the knot can be attached with a pin to the bedspread, if you are weaving on the sofa, or to the trouser leg, if on your knees.

Next, we lay out the threads, like rays, one after another, following the sequence of colors. Weaving starts from the left edge.

Take the second thread in the right hand, and wrap it with the first thread with the left hand.

Tighten the knot and repeat the procedure again with the same threads. Next, the second thread, which was held in the right hand, lay to the left, carrying it under the first. Then we take the third thread in the right hand and wrap it with the one that was originally the first and left in the left hand. In the same way we tighten two nodules.

Similarly weave the whole row. The next row we begin to weave again on the left side in the same way. It is worth noting that it is not necessary to tighten the knots very tight, but the “very weak” weaving will not bring good results. Without changing the technique, weave the whole bauble as well, not forgetting to leave at the end about 10 cm of thread for the lock. A lock, in fact, is a thread divided into three parts and woven in the form of an ordinary pigtail.

The length of the lock must be adjusted independently, trying on a bauble on the arm. Before you make the upper part of the lock, you must remember to unwind a large knot.

Fenichka is ready! By experimenting with color combinations, you can achieve amazing results.