Three simple home crafts

If you have free time and a desire to do something for your home with your own hands, then you can read the article and please yourself and others. Despite the simplicity, all the crafts are very functional and easy to use.

What to prepare

Of the most complex, a thermal gun for glue is required. Everything else for every master is always at hand: a piece of wire, pliers, scissors, a screwdriver, a hammer, adhesive tape.

Regular knife peeler

With an ordinary knife, it is very difficult to remove the thin upper skin from vegetables.

Therefore, it can be quickly modified with a simple nozzle.

Take a metal hanger or a piece of galvanized wire with a diameter of 0.5–1 mm.

Bend three turns of a spiral with a diameter of about 1.5–2 cm at one end. Leave your shoulder approximately 3 cm long and bend the wire again with a spiral. Bite off the excess.

The device is ready, insert a knife between the turns of the spiral and proceed to peeling the cucumber, carrots and other vegetables.

The thickness of the peel can be adjusted by bending the support wire.

Tin Can Grater

It is made of a metal can using a flat screwdriver with a width of about 2-3 mm.

Put an empty tin can on a wooden stand and from the inside, make holes with a screwdriver at a distance of 3-4 mm.

If the tool has a plastic handle, then work carefully with a hammer. From the back of the bottom, bend inward one edge of the holes. Thus, you should have the appearance of small scrapers.

Wash the can, remove metal dust from it.

Check the performance of the crafts. Such a vegetable grower quite decently copes with fairly hard raw vegetables, and there are no problems with boiled vegetables at all.

Each time after use, the appliance must be thoroughly washed.

Polymer smartphone case

At home, there are situations when the length of the charging adapter does not allow placing the phone in a convenient and safe place. The device crashes and is damaged.

Cut a piece of cardboard, the length is equal to the length of the honeycomb, and the width should be 4-5 times its width.

Bend the cardboard in length, the width of the hem is the same as the width of the phone. The total thickness of the folded cardboard should approximately correspond to the thickness of the mobile phone. Fix the construction with tape.

Cover it with baking paper - hot glue does not stick to it, which is very important for the manufacturing process of the cover. Estimate the size, cut off the excess paper, wrap it around the cardboard and secure it with tape.

Wrap the bottom with an envelope, again seal the fold with tape.

Gently apply hot glue around the paper. First you need to draw lines around the circle, and then along the axis. The distance between them is about one centimeter. As a result, a polymer network with such cell sizes should be obtained.

On one side, make the handle of the cover.

After the glue has set, remove the cardboard and peel the baking paper away from the glue. There are no problems; glue does not stick to it.

If the length of the handle of the cover is not enough, then put it on paper and with a thermal gun “finish” it.

The case can be used while charging the phone. Place the device in it, put the handle on the adapter and insert it into the outlet. The iPhone hangs securely on the wall, the risks of falling are reduced to zero.


Products are made of the simplest and not very durable materials. If you use a stainless wire for a vegetable peeler, and the grater is made of alloy steel, the characteristics will improve significantly.