How to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew

It often happens that there is a bottle of wine, and it is not possible to find a corkscrew to open it. For example, we came to nature to relax on barbecue. Naturally for several kilometers nearby no one. But there is a simple method of opening a bottle with a knife.

Remove the plastic ring from the neck.

Open the bottle with a knife

We take a sharp knife and insert it into the cork in the middle.

We start swinging from side to side so that the blade penetrates the cork as much as possible.

Then we take a dense cloth or towel, fold several layers and gently grab the knife with it.

Now you need to try to unscrew the cork by turning the bottle. You hold the knife motionless, and rotate the bottle.

The cork comes out a bit. Then we try again to swing the blade to further deepen the knife. Then we wrap ourselves around with a towel and unscrew the rest of the cork.

Well, then it will not be difficult to pull out the cork by hand without any banging.

Of course, in every business you need skill and experience, not the fact that everything will turn out smoothly the first time, and there are failures for everyone. Well, in general, it is better to take wine with you in bags from TetraPack.