A magnet-amulet in the form of a Slavic folk doll

My girlfriend collects fridge magnets. So I decided to give her a magnet-amulet in the form of a Slavic folk doll-fed. It was possible to make another kind of Slavic doll, but I really liked the connection between the words “feed” and “refrigerator”. So I thought: the doll will be a talisman for wealth in the family, so that the refrigerator is always full. To make such a talisman, we will need such materials: various bright shreds, a little synthetic winterizer or cotton wool, multi-colored threads, a narrow braid with an ornament, a magnet and universal glue. Only scissors are needed from tools.

So, let's get started. Take 3 square pieces of fabric, two colored, one white. The dimensions of the side of the square of the fabric should be no more than 10-12 cm, otherwise the doll will be very large. And it will be difficult for you to work with a smaller fabric, especially if this is your first time doing it. Centipon should be taken exactly as much so that its amount correlates with the fabric as shown in the photograph.

The white piece is the head, more filler will go here. In colored rags - put less filler and an equal amount. Next, placing centipon in the center of the shreds, tie the fabric with thread. It should be like this.

Now roll the two opposite edges of the white fabric and wind it with a thread to make it, as in the picture. It will be hands.

Next, attach balls between your hands - this will be the chest, and wrap it tightly with thread.

Now you need to make a skirt. To do this, apply a piece of dark cloth and attach it as in the picture.

We wind the skirt “inside out” so that later, when we carefully twist it, it will be more magnificent.

Next, cut out a handkerchief.

And he ties it and a belt from the braid with which we close all the threads at the waist.

The feeding doll is ready. It remains to stick the magnet. We smear the magnet with universal glue and glue it to the doll. Let’s dry.

The feeding magnet is ready.

Now she can proceed to guard the refrigerator. And most importantly, exactly no one else will have such a magnet.