Colored Salt Bottle

A bottle of colored salt is a bright and unusual souvenir for the kitchen almost “from the ax”.

For its manufacture we need: a bottle with a lid / cork (preferably the original form), Extra fine salt, gouache paints of different colors.

Wash the bottle from all labels: it must be clean and dry.

Pour paints (you can use dried ones) and add water with a stick or spoon to make the water better colored.

Pour salt into small containers (cups, jars). Pour water colored in a specific color into each container. The color intensity will depend on the proportions of the paint and water: more water - a pale color, more paint - a bright color.

Mix salt with paint and dry in the oven or microwave. Faster salt is dried in the microwave. This will take from 2 to 5 minutes at maximum power (depending on the amount of salt). The salt should dry, but not dry.

Dried salt is set in one piece. It must be ground and then sieved. The easiest option is a bag, rolling pin and a small sieve. If the salt is still wet, you must dry it.

Pour the sifted colored salt into separate containers.

Pour salt into the bottle conveniently using a watering can. To effect the waves, tilt the bottle in different directions. The width of the layers is arbitrary, as is the sequence of colors. You need to tap a full bottle on the table several times to compact the salt. Then add to the very neck and close the lid.

In a bottle tilted on one side, you can depict a rainbow, in a wide bottle - a landscape. For more detailed work, you will need tubes of different diameters and a margin of patience.

Can colored salt be eaten? It is possible if it is painted not with gouache, but with the help of natural ingredients (orange zest, dried herbs, ground paprika, black or red pepper, etc.).