Massage foot mat

Orthopedic surgeons often diagnose small children with flat feet. Many people think that this diagnosis is forever. In fact, flat feet is treated with commonplace physical therapy exercises, massage and wearing the right shoes.

It is known that there are many points on the foot, the stimulation of which can lead to the rapid recovery of any organ. To stimulate these points, as well as to treat flat feet, at home you can make a massage foot mat with your own hands. You can make it from any items at hand.

The easiest way is to take a piece of dense fabric and sew buttons in a chaotic manner.

You can take corks from plastic bottles and, using liquid nails, stick them to any base.

If there is a thick clothesline in the house, then it can also be adapted. It is enough to apply glue to the base, and press this rope from above.

Any housewife in the kitchen will find dried beans or beans. On a piece of fabric, you need to sew strips or pockets. In these departments we pour beans and sew them up.

Massage foot mat can be made even more interesting and varied. It all depends on the imagination.