How to make a flower from an egg (Japanese egg flowers)

Japanese cuisine is not only very healthy, but no less beautiful. It uses not only products that are scarce for us, but everyone’s favorite eggs. They are served to the table not always just like that. Here, for example, a life hack from a Japanese chef, how to make a simple flower from an egg to decorate your dishes. This decoration is suitable only for Japanese, but also European dishes. So feel free to take note of this simple recipe.

Will need

  • Chicken eggs

  • Salt to taste (although salt is not used in the original).

Making flower eggs

Break the eggs into a bowl. You can take one, it all depends on how many flowers you plan to make.

Mix thoroughly. Do not whisk, namely mix.

Pass through a sieve or colander so that the mass is completely homogeneous.

Fry in a pan. It is not necessary to have a square pan! Everything can be done on the round, though the “departure” of the extra fried eggs will need to be figured out where to put it.

Here you need to understand the main thing: do not pour the whole mass, pour a little and evenly distribute on all surfaces by turning the pan.

After frying, pull out and cut into pieces this pancake. From it you will need only a rectangular strip.

We turn the strip in half, but do not smooth it.

We make cuts from above on the bend along the entire bent side.

Next, roll the strip into a roll.

Tied with a stalk of greenery.

Put the egg flower in a cup.

Fill with broth or add a flower already in the finished dish.

It looks very impressive. And the taste is just great.