Pork stew at home - the easiest recipe

Each zealous landlady must have a stew in her supplies, and it is advisable that this stew be home-made rather than store, as good quality store stew is not often found now. At home, we will prepare such a product that will be to our taste: moderately salty, moderately spicy, moderately pepper, from meat that we ourselves have chosen. We will cook stew from pork in a water bath. There are other ways of cooking - in a pan, in a pressure cooker, in the oven. This one seems to me the most convenient.


What do you need:

  • pork,

  • salt to taste

  • on a half-liter jar - 1 sheet of laurel,

  • 4 peas of allspice,

  • 5 peppercorns, peas,

  • 0.5 tsp ground pepper (or to taste).

Cooking stews at home

1. Today, for the stew, I chose the pork knuckle. In addition to pork, we will need salt, bay leaf, onions (you can use onions) and pepper - ground, allspice and peas. Other spices can be added as desired.

2. Remove the skins from the meat and cut into slices.

3. Add chopped onion to the meat.

4. Salt, add all kinds of pepper and bay leaf.

5. We sterilize jars for stew.

6. Stir the meat and put it in jars, not reaching the top 2-3 centimeters.

7. Fill the cans with water to the top and close the lids.

8. Pour water into a saucepan of a suitable volume, cover the bottom with a piece of cloth, and put jars on the cloth. We put the pot with the cans on the fire, bring the water to a boil, and reduce the fire to a minimum. Then cover the pan with a lid and cook the stew in this way for four to five hours. In the process, the water will boil, and it will need to be added, but this will need to be done carefully so that cold water does not fall on the banks, otherwise the banks may crack. In the middle of the process, you can open the cans and try the stew for salt.

9. When the meat in the jars breaks down, remove the jars and tightly close. Turn over for an hour. Keep homemade stew in the refrigerator and no more than six months.