Homemade earrings

I wanted beautiful earrings for a knitted dress, but not gold or silver, but something else, original. It was decided to create them with your own hands. I like to sculpt from polymer clay (plastic), so there were no problems with the selection of material for earrings.

First, you need to bend two hooks from a thin wire. You also need to pick up the chain and cut it in half. The number of links must be the same in each piece, so that both earrings are the same length.

The dress is light green with yellow and white colors. To make everything look harmonious, the color of the plastic must be selected carefully. I used white, yellow and green. To get light shades, I mixed saturated yellow with white plastic, so we also get light green.

We roll up the ball from light yellow plastic and fasten it to the hook - we get the basis for the earring. From below, you need to attach the chain to the ball, placing it on a small piece of plastic. Then we begin to decorate the ball. Take a small piece of plastic, knead it to the plate and attach to the base-ball. To get more interesting, you need to alternate different colors. Both earrings need to be sculpted at the same time, otherwise they will turn out too different. Those. they made several petals on one earring, put it aside and sculpt the same on the other. It’s better to make a stand so that you can hang the earrings, and not put them on the table, so there’s less chance of spoiling something. The stand can be made of toothpicks or pencils, the main condition is that it must be durable.

Under all the colorful petals, I blinded one plain, like a sepal of flowers. The chain hangs freely, resembling a flower stalk. But, if desired, you can dazzle the second ball-base and decorate it as the upper part of the earring.

After the modeling is finished, the earrings must be baked. The oven should be heated to 250 degrees. Bake for several minutes in a suspended state on a stand. Then you need to wait for the earrings to cool and that's it.