Flower from notes

Today we will make a craft - a flower from colored notes.

Necessary materials:

To do this, we need to take notes of different colors. We had blue, red and white, and also green - on a stalk and a leaf. To create a flower frame, you need to prepare a pencil. To glue the petals we need glue.

Work description:


Take one piece of note, bend the upper right corner,

as it shown on the picture. Then bend the upper left corner and get a petal.

There are many such petals to make - different colors.

We wind the petal on a pencil.

Then we attach the next petal, as necessary, glue the free edges to the flower so that it holds. So we form a bud on a pencil. Having received a fairly lush flower, we fix the free edges with glue.

Stalk and leaf

We take a green piece of paper and wrap it tightly on a pencil, slightly covering the base of the bud to hide uneven edges.

We put the second piece of green paper diagonally, as shown in the figure.

We put a little glue on it and wrap it around the stalk, leaving a piece of free edge.

Then we take one more green leaf and double up on the diagonal, getting a triangle. We attach this triangle to the free edge remaining on the stem of the flower, as shown in the figure.

We fix the free edge with glue to the stalk and bend the bottom edge of the triangle, forming a leaf.

We glue the leaf to make it whole.

Everything, the craft is ready.

We leave it for several hours so that the glue dries well and remove the pencil from the middle.

Such a simple flower can be made together with your children, it will give you a lot of pleasure and pleasant emotions.