Unusual flower glowing in the dark

Today we will create an unusual and somewhat provocative craft - we will paint a living flower and make it glow. Our goal is to create an unusual composition without using electronics and causing him minimal harm. On the Internet there are various variations - flowers made of paper, plastic bottles or cloth, foam rubber and even iron. But our goal today is precisely a living luminous flower.

Getting down. For work, we need - the flower itself (in our case it is an orchid), paint for fresh flowers AcmeLight Flower, a stick (screwdriver) for mixing paint and a brush with hard bristles. It is better to take a flower with wide white petals, on them the glow effect looks best. In addition, when buying, check with the seller if this variety will withstand the color. Because, for example, a lily will not sustain such experiments and wither.

Now a few words about how the paint works, with which we will paint the orchid. Applied to the flower, it accumulates the energy of the sun, artificial lighting due to the special pigments that make up its composition. When introduced into the dark, the stored energy is released, and the painted object emits a glow.

Back to our homemade product. In order for the luminous pigment to be evenly distributed over the entire surface of the flower, mix the paint very carefully, lifting it from the bottom of the can.

Now, with a brush with very hard bristles, we apply pointwise paint on the petals. We do this very carefully so as not to damage anything. You can also "spray" paint on a flower, using a toothbrush instead of a brush, for example. Those. in fact, we need drip staining.

Here is the result obtained close.

The glow of our already painted flower in the dark and ultraviolet.

The resulting craft does not smell like paint, coloring does not affect the resistance of the flower.

Such luminous paint can be used to color not only flowers, but also other materials - metal, plastic, concrete and wood (each material has its own type of paint). That gives a wide field for creativity and allows you to use it in almost any homemade goods and crafts. You can make luminous: Christmas toys, a fridge magnet, key rings and greeting cards, photographs of the city's attractions and this is not a complete list.

Perhaps this luminous hobby will eventually grow into something more and become your main source of income.

Source //acmelight.com.ua