Beautiful box from the egg box

We pose the question: is it worth it to do such a frivolous thing as making do-it-yourself hand-made articles from junk materials with your own hands? In the past, under developed socialism, in our country there was a shortage of almost any consumer goods. And now, any necessary thing - from cosmetics to dishwashers - can be found in free sale, and at a divine price.

We answer the question: worth it! For different reasons. For example, suddenly we begin to experience an unexpected thirst for creativity (thoughts rush frantically, “hands itch”). In order to quench this thirst with minimal financial losses, it is enough to construct some useful thing in the household, or even a completely useless beautiful trinket, from waste materials. Or: we urgently needed some thing, there’s no time to go to the store (or, let's say a secret) money, and this thing is easy to make from improvised materials ourselves. But perhaps the most important is the reason due to the problem of raising children. Making children’s useful home-made products under the guidance of adults is an excellent means of educating industriousness.

Now we understand that making a beautiful box from an egg box is a serious matter, therefore, without delay, we get down to business.

We prepare the necessary materials and tools:

- a box of eggs - 1 piece;

- toilet paper - 1 roll;

- PVA glue - 1 bottle;

- curly pasta of various shapes;

- acrylic paint (preferably aerosol).

We begin the manufacturing procedure.

Pour glue into deep dishes. So that it is not too thick, dilute it with water. We put a piece of crumpled toilet paper in the glue and let it soak in glue well.

We glue the whole outer surface of our box with these pieces of paper. We make this toilet paper layer about 3 mm thick.

We decorate our future casket with curly pasta, squeezing the pasta into the still dry paper mass (it’s also nice to add peas in places). After that, leave the box for a while: let it dry thoroughly.

We paint the dried box, giving full freedom to our imagination. Immediately after the paint dries, we bring our unusual, but beautiful box to relatives, friends and acquaintances. In such a unique box you can store beads, other jewelry and various small things, not to mention jewelry.