Christmas snowy Christmas tree

For this craft, we need several sheets of plain white paper, you can use color if you wish. For a snowy Christmas tree, white paper is used. Scissors, glue stick, a simple pencil, an empty rod or thick wire, a piece of plasticine.

Circles are drawn on sheets of paper, these will be tiers for the Christmas tree. In the example of 11 tiers. Therefore, it is necessary to draw 11 circles so that each one is slightly smaller than the previous one.

Divide each circle into eight equal parts. Inside the circle, exactly in the middle from the center to the circle, draw a line, as shown in the figure.

Next, a circle is cut along the main line. Incisions are made to the midline, which we drew in the previous step.

Then carefully roll each piece into a roll. In this case, with the help of glue pencil we fix it. So do with every lap. Get a kind of small cones.

One tier for the Christmas tree is ready. All the same operation should be done with the remaining circles.

Next, the base for the Christmas tree is cut. It can be cardboard or plain paper. It is best to take something solid so that the tree does not stagger and fall. You will need a piece of plasticine, in which either a rod or a thick wire is inserted.

We put each tier on the prepared rod, as shown in the figure.

It turns out such a beautiful and original congratulatory gift for the New Year. On top, you can sprinkle with dry sequins for the eyes, or use hairspray with sparkles, as shown in the example. In addition, mini gifts or small toys can be installed below the Christmas tree. In light, the tree will shimmer in different shades due to the large layer of sparkles. It will seem that before you is a real snowy Christmas tree.