How to make Slime or Slime do it yourself

Transparent green Slime, Slime or Chewing gum for hands today is a fashionable direction for creative ideas. Borrowed from characters from the films Ghostbusters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the mucus lump of shapeless substance adapts to any shape and surface, but does not leave any traces on it. It is complemented by a clear capsule from a science lab. There is something alien about this, although it can be made from ordinary “terrestrial” chemical products.

The secret to making slime lies in the proportion of the components. To mix them, no special conditions or equipment are needed, only measured dishes with which it will be possible to dose the preparations. This toy will surely appeal not only to children, but also to amuse adults. And even a 3-year-old child can do it! So, let's get started ...

Essential Slime Ingredients

To make a slice we need:

  • Borax - borax (sodium tetraborate), it can be bought at a pharmacy;

  • Liquid transparent glue (Elmer's Liquid School Glue), school, ideal for slimes;

  • Food coloring green and yellow.

You can mix and prepare the substance in any convenient container, suitable in size for kneading manually. They will need three pieces.

Slime - Lizun do it yourself

The components will be mixed in two containers. To begin with, pour 250 grams of water into one. Add half a teaspoon of borax. We mix everything very carefully.

In another container for pour 125 grams of water. then 150 grams of glue. We mix everything very well too.

To give a green-acid color, add 2 drops of green, 5 drops of yellow dye, and mix it all thoroughly.

The saturated color should be something like this:

If not satisfied - correct by adding dye, but do not overdo it.

Now mix the contents of both containers.

As a result, you should get a substance with the properties of a Newtonian fluid, which you can immediately test in action. It should not stick to your hands, be excessively stiff and lose its exceptional viscosity.

We take the mucus and put it in a bowl.

And the remaining liquid in the mixing bowl can simply be poured out.

The result was a great toy, no worse than from the store.

If the slime is too liquid, then it can be dried a little, pouring into such peculiar campaigns.

A couple of tens of minutes and he will change his consistency.

Laboratory slime container

To surprise friends and acquaintances, to pretend that this is an alien substance, you can fill it with a certain container, such as a container.

You can do it yourself: central transparent glass from the middle of a plastic bottle, and the sides - a plumbing fitting or plugs from old electronic equipment.

Unscrew the end cap from the adapter, and fill it with the resulting jelly-like substance. On the sewer manhole, this lizun perfectly imitates radioactive waste or an alien broth.

Assembling it with your hands is also not difficult, and if you put several glowing sticks in the container, our slime will come to life!

Slime Features

Slime production today is very popular and streamlined. They are made from anything: corn starch, PVA or stationery glue, shampoos and toothpastes, plasticine, shaving foam, and even ice! And if at home you can control the presence of harmful substances, then store analogues, especially of poor quality, can be dangerous for the skin, mucous membranes, and even cause allergic reactions. Before making slimes, pay attention to the chemical composition of the ingredients, and do not use toxic ones.

Thank you all and bye!