Microwave Mackerel in 10 Minutes

In the microwave, you can cook almost everything, and time at the same time is reduced significantly. Microwave allows you to make a dish in a matter of minutes, which would take at least half an hour in the oven. For example, a mackerel in a microwave is juicy, tender and very tasty, and it will take about 10 minutes. Adding a small amount of soy sauce will give a light smoke aroma. Hot fish can be served with a side dish, and after cooling, offer as an appetizer. Be sure to try it.


  • mackerel 1 pc.

  • soy sauce 30 ml.

  • sunflower oil 10 ml.

  • 1/4 lemon

  • ground ginger 1/4 tsp

  • garlic 2 tooth.

How to cook mackerel in the microwave

Prepare everything you need. Clean fish, remove entrails, rinse well under running water. Especially carefully remove the black films on the walls of the abdomen from the inside, they can give the bitterness of the finished mackerel.

Cut off the head and tail, and divide the carcass with a knife into portioned slices 2-3 cm thick. From medium mackerel, 6-7 parts will be obtained.

In a bowl that can be used in the microwave, pour finely chopped garlic and lemon along with the peel, dry ginger.

Pour in sunflower oil and soy sauce.

To mix.

Put the pieces of fish in the marinade.

Mix gently and leave for 5 minutes. This will be quite enough, as the mackerel meat is very tender.

Put in the microwave.

Top with a plate. Power set 800 watts, 8 minutes. After half the time, open the door, release the steam accumulated inside and continue cooking.

After the sound signal about the end, leave the dish inside the microwave for another couple of minutes. So there will be no risk of steam burns when removing the plate, and the fish will become more fragrant.

The mackerel in the microwave is completely ready. The fish juice accumulated in a bowl can be poured over a side dish; boiled rice is ideal here. And when cold, it is very similar to smoked mackerel.

Very tasty, juicy and mouth-watering fish turned out, and in just a few minutes. Agree: it's not so complicated, is it?

It costs a lot to feed a family quickly after a healthy day with healthy food. Bon Appetit!